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Welcome to the website of First Bridge – a Montessori learning school!

As parents of young children, you are embarking on a school search, and often wonder: How can we know what will be the best school for our child and how will that choice prepare our child for their next step? When the global world is changing so rapidly, you would also ask : How can a school prepare my child for the future? As a recent article in The New York Times reflected, three-fifths of today’s elementary-aged children may end up doing jobs that haven’t been invented yet!

Here at First Bridge, you can feel good about entrusting us with your child. Our program gives each child abundant care and attention. We are a Montessori school with a difference –our classroom practices mixed-aged groupings, our teachers respect your child’s individual interests and abilities and we view language as an agent of learning.

We prepare your child well – by nurturing him to realize his full potential to become a happy, loving and fulfilled member of society. We carefully create a prepared environment which encourages independence, critical thinking and self-discipline- all necessary skills to be a successful and respected leader.

Please come in with me , and see the Little Montys in action!

Principal of First Bridge
Jessica Chong