Bali Ubud and Denpasar

Kami Percaya

Why Bali

First Bridge began in a hotel suite, tugged in the heart of Kuta, Bali.

Room 1102 was inspired by a mother, a Montessori trained Directress, who wanted the best environment to bring up her young daughters. Together with her hotelier husband, they set up Montessori @Room 1102.

Surrounded by the excitement of Hard Rock, the Montessori Room was a peaceful and well-prepared ‎suite packed with active learning.

Over a few years, Room 1102‎ was filled with parenting joy and many everlasting nurturing moments.

Stories were crafted which became First Bridge Phonics Series I & II.

Lesson plans were documented which became First Bridge Training Resources

Worksheets were individually designed for two daughters who have different learning styles became First Bridge curriculum.

Values were instilled which became First Bridge Mission and Philosophy.

Over a span of nearly 15 years, First Bridge became an International Montessori School.

The test of Time has proven it.

Everything with First Bridge reflects a Commitment to Quality.

FirstBridge Denpasar Hardrock radio clip

Listen to how FirstBridge kids speak English on a radio show after just six months with the school!

FirstBridge @Ubud Bali

Jalan Raya Kedawatan, Ubud Bali

Tel: 081339821102 (Ms. Desak)

FirstBridge Ubud

FirstBridge @Denpasar Bali

222 Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Denpasar Bali

Tel: 082247000290 (Ms. Novy)

FirstBridge Denpasar