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Why Bhutan

It began as a family holiday in August 2016.

Armed with First Bridge phonics story books, Founder Jessica Chong , visited a few pre schools in Paro and Thimphu. The storybook‎s were greeted as precious gifts.

4 months later in Dec, Jessica visited Bhutan again. Accompanied with 200kgs of library books of diverse genres, as a Teacher Trainer, she worked closely with Ms Dendy- Principal of Yoezerling School @ Paro sponsored a range of teaching resources and imparted knowledge of early childhood curriculum.>

First Bridge Library is proud to have the support of Yoezerling ‎School - to make a positive impact on literacy and bridging relationships between two schools with passion and devotion to early childhood.

Bhutanese children are happier than ‎ever, devouring in story books ,enriching their learning and widening their knowledge.

FirstBridge @Bhutan

Yoezerling school. Olathang, Paro, Bhutan

Tel: 975-08-272469

FirstBridge Bhutan